40 YEARS Recorded in 2013 Vizor Music Pop / R&B

40 YEARS is a Pop / R&B influenced album with 9 new songs from Bruce.  He returns to familiar ground, highlighting his blue eyed soulful voice on songs like Make You A Wish and Our Love Is Gone.  Although 40 Years is not straight up CCM, a positive message attitude prevails throughout the project.  The album ends with the song Sanctify, which will definitely lift your spirit.  One of the highlights on the album is the duet by Bruce and Nissi Alen-Walls on Where Does Love Begin.

Will We Get Together ● Here I Go ● Make You A Wish ● Our Love Is Gone
It's So Right ● Where Does Love Begin ● Jericho
40 Years ● Sanctify

HEAVEN'S GOLD Recorded in 2008 Vizor Music Contemporary Christian

HEAVEN'S GOLD is a collection of songs that spans Bruce's writing career.  Most of the songs have never been recorded.  This album is a tribute to God's grace and never-ending love that are evident in all of our lives.  It includes songs such as The Treasure, which was written in 1982 and We Need You, a duet performed by Bruce and Missy Hale.  Heaven's Gold, the title track, was inspired by his daughter, Melanie's untimely death.

You Made Me For You ● Heaven's Gold ● I Live ● Under His Reign
Build My House ● Rainstorm ● The Treasure ● Don't Surrender
We Need You ● Who Am I

TIME WAITS Recorded in 2000 Vizor Music Pop / Jazz

TIME WAITS begins with one of the guitar greats, Phil Keaggy, laying down a matrix of smooth melodies on The Years.  Nashville's Matt Rollins makes appearances on Time Waits, Dreams and September Rain which was written during Bruce's stint as a staff writer with Quincy Jones.  This album marks Bruce's return to recording and highlights his jazz roots.

The Years ● Time Waits ● September Rain ● It's About Faith
All For You ● Da Lenny ● Love Is Mad ● Dreams
One Night With You

NEVER TURNIN' BACK Recorded in 1980 Myrrh Records Contemporary Christian

NEVER TURNIN' BACK is a critically acclaimed CCM classic.  Three of the album's songs, Never Turnin' Back, You're So Good To Me and Calling hit the top ten on the national Christian radio charts.  Several of the industry's top session players of the era, Dean Parks, Hadley Hockensmith, Harlan Rodgers and Bill Maxwell are featured on this album.

Never Turnin' Back ● Calling ● You'll Never Let Me Go ● It's A Shame You're So Good To Me ● Forgiven ● Straight And Narrow ● All Of Me Love Will Always Make A Way ● We Are All His Children

A LIGHT WITHIN Recorded in 1977 Myrrh Records Contemporary Christian

A LIGHT WITHIN is Bruce's first album.  Songs on this project include Questions, All That I Want To Be and Rescue Me.  These songs were some of his first covers and were later recorded by Andrus Blackwood and Company, Tom Netherton and others.

Questions ● Rescue Me ● All That I Want To Be ● Given Myself Over
Only God ● Peace ● A Nation's Prayer ● Hem Of His Garment
Lord Bless This Day ● Make Me A Blessing

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